Get Involved Get Involved

Come and volunteer your time to serve the less fortunate. We meet every Wednesday at Citrus Park in Upland and Saturdays at different locations (calendar provided). We need volunteers to hand out food, hygiene and other various necessities. We also need people who will pray with the homeless and hurting. You will truly be blessed to be a part of what... [Read more of this review]

Provide Materials Provide Materials

We need material to help with this process. If you or someone you know can donate products such as, drinks, chips, cookies, fruit, or any type of canned products or any non-perishable items that would greatly be appreciated. The number of homelessness has grown to record numbers.  Read More →

Donate to the Cause Donate to the Cause

If you or your employer would like a tax write off for the end of the year, please feel free to make a monetary donation to our cause. Your donation will help with weekly supplies needed to feed and cloth the homeless and needy families in your community. Go to the top of the page and click on the sub-menu for donate, you will be directed where and... [Read more of this review]