Meadowbrook Park

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Located near San Bernardino City Hall.
Many Homeless seek refugee underneath a bridge undercrossing.
There is a lot of frustration on people’s faces at this particular park,
Thanks to Juan Cordero and Sam Valenzuela-Security Team Leaders.
We all come with an open heart and continue to pray with most for a job and health matters.
Our most challenging stop indeed. Which gives us the opportunity to apply our Faith and Trust in The Lord.
The children make it easy for us to come back and witness.
Matthew 19:14 But Jesus said, “Let the children alone, and do not hinder
them from coming to Me; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”




Mt.Vernon & 7th St. Park

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Truly one of the most dynamic places we come to serve.
There are children whom have come to call us their church.
The Lord is going to lift up some leaders among them.
The children in the community sang “Lord I Lift Your Name On High”.
As a song of gratitude unto The Lord.
As for the adults we continue to pray and lay hands on them for healing.
They listened to the message of Compassion and were open to receive.
Many hands went up as an Altar Call was given.
This community is also seeking The Kings Love.






Fontana Veterans Park

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It was our first outreach in Fontana and we encountered several homeless that sleep in the park.
As the message went forth “The Power of  The Holy Spirit”.
I was amazed when a call of hands for Salvation went up.
The whole group of people raised their hands.
There is a need for His love at this park and I’m sure there are others in the area.
The Lord will reveal them to us soon.
Praise God for the several churches that were there to serve and pray for healing and health.





Lytle Creek

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We met up with men, women and children outside a local restaurant called Melody’s Place.
Where the owners allowed us to serve under a shady spot on their premises.
A special thanks to them because it was a very hot day.
Folks were grateful to have us there as we ministered with music and songs
I then gave a salvation opportunity message and proceeded with handing out bibles,
hygiene, clothes and food. The children received a bible study by
our friends Bill and Beth from C.E.F.
Praise The Lord for new kingdom brothers and sisters.







Seccombe Park

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Deep in the heart of San Bernardino it is a place of refuge for many homeless families and individuals.
Occasionally we find families that call their vehicles home.
One thing that makes us all smile is that the children really listen to the message of Christ Jesus.
Many adults come forward for healing prayer as well.
We are always blessed with an abundance of people who enjoy the presence in Spirit and in Truth.







Citrus Park-Upland

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Thanks to: New York Pizza Company-Upland.
For sponsoring the outreach with hot meals, which included pizza, pasta and salads.
Thanks to: 3 Way Thrift Store-Chino and Mennonite Thrift Store Rancho Cucamonga.
For sponsoring the outreach with fresh clean clothes, shoes and Toys.
The Children are excited to be given a lessen about Jesus, and The Homeless
are increasing in numbers as they are telling other Homeless about Jesus.
Some are stepping up to the Microphone and sharing a word of  What The Lord is to them
in song and praise.
Hallelujah !!!!!
















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