Our Mission

Our Mission

Passion of Christ Ministries has been commissioned by Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to equip the homeless and needy families in and around the Inland Empire. To bring hope, healing and complete restoration:

First and foremost to love each person unconditionally right where they are.

To empower each individual spiritually with The Word of God so that they can walk into the plan The Lord has set for their lives.

To feed them physically by providing them with life’s everyday essentials:  food, clothing,hygiene products and resources in their communities to get the needed assistance.

We are dedicated to help build strong, self sufficient men, women and children that will become active members and employees in their communities, churches, schools, and local companies.

Finally, to disciple and mentor each individual to complete restoration through Christ Jesus.

Our Vision

Restoration Center and Food Distribution Warehouse 

Outdoors (Local Parks) Homeless: 

1). To bring salvation through the Word of Jesus Christ 

2)  To provide hot meals 

3)  To provide hygiene products 

4)  To provide clothing and shoes 

5)  To provide blankets in the winter 

8)  To recommend rehabilitation for individual restoration 

Indoors (Center) Homeless 

1) To provide weekly church services 

2)  To provide hot meals from our soup kitchen 

3)  To provide classes that will assist in rehabilitation 

4)  To provide job preparation and training 

Indoors (Center & Warehouse) Families: 

1) To distribute groceries, clothing and hygiene products weekly 

2)  To provide weekly church services